Our service focuses on two areas of expertise; companies looking to bring in temporary foreign workers; and those who are looking to fill a gap in their senior management team with international talent.

Temporary Foreign Workers

A key success factor to hiring workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is recruitment. Selecting qualified foreign workers who will integrate well into the Canadian work environment is complex and challenging.

Our success comes from our depth of experience over the past 20 years and having honed our processes with effective checks and balances. We are able to identify and select qualified candidates from countries all over the world that meet your requirements; we interview and test all candidates and identify potential admissibility issues.
Application process
A critical piece of employing foreign workers in Canada is the ability to prepare and submit thorough and professional immigration applications to Service Canada and The Immigration Department. (IRCC) Our team has over twenty five years’ experience in preparing, submitting successful applications including processing all immigration documentation required for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and Temporary Work Permit (TWP) applications.
We prepare a coordinated plan to bring your TWPs to Canada in a timely manner and assist with their onboarding when they get here to ensure a smooth transition. Exit logistics; Post-employment logistics If required, we can also assist you in developing a Transition Plan to a Canadian workforce.
Information is critical to ensure your business runs smoothly. We take care to keep you informed of the progress at every stage so you are never caught unaware. Our customers are repeat customers.

Bringing in Highly Skilled Talent from abroad.

Timing, accuracy and execution are critical to successfully bringing in talent from abroad to join your team. We work with you to understand your needs.
We understand the programs available; the inherent risks involved with each and know which programs options are best suited to fit your needs.
Without the proper documentation, applications can be un-necessarily delayed. We know which documents are required for each program and more importantly how to complete them accurately and completely, so that they pass the audit requirements of the government.
Case management
From our years of experience we are able to anticipate potential issues and pre-empt them. We act proactively on all case files making the right intervention with the right person to achieve results. We keep you fully appraised on the status of each application so you are never caught unaware of any issues. You are able to make decisions based on the facts.
Doing it right the first time
In todays’ fast pace economy it is imperative to get it done right the first time. No matter how complex or simple the file, we work with you and your team to get results. Our strategies and services go further to include the applicants’ family to ensure a smooth transition.

We offer 30 years of experience and vast knowledge
in immigration to service our clients.
We have your best interest at heart.

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